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I’ve always seen New Year’s as a time to set goals and look forward to the year ahead. We’ve all set resolutions and watched them unravel within a day, week or if we’re lucky a month. I realized that the issue with resolutions for me was that they were vague and un-actionable. How are you supposed to “be healthier” or “lose weight” without a roadmap? Resolutions end up being mountains without trails – they can be attainable but easy to give up on.

Four years ago, I stumbled upon the ‘365 things in 365 days project’ online. I was inspired by the project’s goals to push boundaries, create new experiences and inspire growth. Frankly, 365 things in 365 days is a fun project to do in a year but I couldn’t see myself ever being able to sustain it from year to year (even if the things were small). That being said, I loved the combination of both small things and bigger things to try in a year. I figured 52 things in a year would be attainable with a good balance of complexity and thus was born a new tradition I’ve kept.

How I Do It

Before every New Year’s eve, I spend a month writing a list of things I find interesting, wish I could try, my short term goals, my longer term goals, and dreams. I try to break these into categories:

  • Skills/Learning
  • Travel/Adventure
  • Being a better human
  • Fitness
  • Biohacking
  • Career

It’s important to choose categories that matter to you (and not just categories others think you should focus on). It can be helpful to choose 1 or 2 categories that you really want to double down on for the year as well to help you achieve your goals by pushing boundaries and exploring within those categories. That being said, 52thingsinayear is intended to help create new experiences and memories so do what excites and inspires you.

Once you’ve chosen your categories list things within those categories that you’ve wanted to try, are interested in or want to challenge yourself with. The most important part of this is creating things that are detailed and can be measured – example: ‘Try a strict Keto regimen for 30 days’ is detailed whereas ‘Go on a diet’ is vague and not measurable.

Time for some inspiration!

It can be hard coming up with a list on your first try so I’d encourage you to look up the blogs of people who inspire you and take a look around the web for ideas. For some extra inspiration, I’ve shared my 52 Things for 2018 below.

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