What is 52 Things A Year?

52 Things a year is a way of making the most of your time on this precious planet. Most people slip into a routine letting time pass them by so fast they have no idea where it went. Creating new experiences helps you live a happier, more memorable life. 52 Things is not a bucket list - you're welcome to tackle bucket list items but it's meant to be a healthy mix of big and small items intended to push your comfort zone, ensure you get new experiences and move towards your life goals.
How To Make The List
Create your list over a day, week or month. Items on the list should be easily measurable (example: Go to Costa Rica, finish a 30-day yoga challenge, eat vegetarian for a week etc.) and not vague (example: lose weight, eat healthier etc.). Check the blog for inspiration!
Stay Accountable
You've made your list and you feel inspired - don't just lose it and forget about it. Print a poster with your list, keep it as an open draft in your email, set it as your desktop wallpaper or stick it on your bathroom mirror. The more you're exposed to your list, the more you think about it and act on it!
Capture the Moments
Whether you enjoy photographing your moments, journaling them, or simply living in the moment - make sure you take it all in. Add stars to your poster, print photos and put them on your wall, get in touch with us to write a guest post about your experiences, post your photographs online or share them with the people that matter to you. You'll look back year after year and get the warm fuzzies.

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4 years ago I began on this journey to find 52 things to push my comfort zone, create new experiences and memories and set myself up to reach my life goals. I was inspired by the 365-Days project but wanted something at a more sustainable pace that I could do year-after-year. I'm a software engineer turned product person who loves the outdoors, coffee, hikes and discovering new tech.
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